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Ligabue: Night of Tarantula

The night of Tarantula is a festival of popular music, which takes places in Salento, precisely in Melpignano. For this event 300.000 spectators participate. An element which composes this tradition is “pizzica”, a music which is accompained to the sound of drums. The tradition tells about a dangerous spider, said “tarantola”.

According to the legend tarantola with its bite causes hysterics and the music has a role of healing. This is an occasion to connect with land and man, in fact the music has the purpose to enternain people of different ages. People rediscover their origins and establish a deep collectivity. In August 2015 Ligabue will be the guest of evening, thanks to this occasion will be interpreted songs of folk popular. The singer declares: “I’ m honored and happy for the request”. The foresight is of 150.000 spectators.